Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Moving Lucas Home

In February we lost our Lucas in a tragic accident. Lucas wondered off and fell into a near by creek. I found him and gave him CPR until the ambulance came. They were able to get a pulse and Lucas even tried breathing on his own. We were hopeful, so hopeful. We were sure that meant he would come home with us. While they were life flighting him to Vanderbilt we came home so I could change out of my wet clothes and grab some clothes for Lucas to come home in. We got his orange and blue plaid shirt that my sister got Nicholas for Christmas a couple of years before but Lucas had taken over, some jeans and a jacket. We didn't know how things would change. We got to the hospital just in time to spend about 8 hrs with him before he passed. We had his celebration of life, on the day we should have celebrated his 3rd birthday. He wanted a Dora party so bad. We already bought all of the decorations, plates, cups, even his Happy Birthday banner. He wanted a Dora party for his second birthday but he settled for a polar bear party instead.
This all happened in Tennessee. We came out here so Nick could pursue a job opportunity and be around his family but it was not meant to be. This is not our home. We can't live where Lucas couldn't.
We need to go back home now! We need to go back to Utah. Our family is out there, Lucas's family is out there. It is our home. It was his home! We have decided to move back and we are taking Lucas with us. We are piecing our family back together. We can't leave with out him. Please help us get our family back together! My family has put together fundraisers and yard sales to help us raise money to get back home! If you can help in any way please go to
facebook.com/HelpBringLucasHome or gofundme.com/helpbringlucashome

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